Looking for my biological father

It has taken me some time to reach this point. I was brought up by an amazing man so in searching for the biological father I wanted to be as discrete as possible so as to minimize exposure. After a few years now and much investment into private investigators, going to the www and using DNA matching is all I have left and I am hoping that those reading this may help to close the gap for me. So what do I¬†know……

Some data:

  • I was born in Durban, South Africa in March 1977
  • My mother’s name was (Liz/Elizabeth)
  • My biological father’s name is Horst but his surname is sketchy. Could be Schmidt or any one of the 13 variations thereof (Smid. Schmitt etc…)
  • Horst was a keen horse rider and came from either Germany or Austria
  • Horst’s birth date is unknown but is expected to be between 1935-1947
  • He is thought to have moved back to Europe in the 1990s but before doing so did ask my mother to confirm whether I was his. Unfortunately she did not admit to me being his daughter and I only found out through a DNA test much later.

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